I just gave a small talk about F-Droid at FSFE Berlin. For this I gathered some stats about what happened in our repo over the last year. I did a similar thing about 1.5 years ago, you can find the numbers on page 9 of the pdf.

From Jan 2019 to 10th Feb 2020

F-Droid-Data Commits

Number of Commits User
5542 F-Droid Builder (Auto updater)
939 Licaon_Kter
836 Izzy
687 relan
449 Pierre Rudloff
424 Marcus Hoffmann
351 Ciaran Gultnieks
237 Hans-Christoph Steiner
207 Michael Pöhn

Plus many, many more contributions from hundreds of others!

But also

Counted across the whole project:

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You can also donate money to us, to help us work on F-Droid not only in our free time. Consider using one of the free (as in free software) donation platforms like open collective or Liberapay. Both of these platforms allow for recurring donations, which is highly desirable for contributors who want make working on F-Droid part of their regular paid work.


The opencolletive is very new and we’ll do a proper announcement soon, after we added proper support for opencollective into the F-Droid client app and website.

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