Home Assistant

Control all your devices in your Home Assistant instance

Status: Crypto Wallet, Messenger, Ethereum Browser

Cryptocurrency wallet, Private messenger, and Ethereum DApp Browser all in one

Enhanced Music Controller Lite

Remote controller for Onkyo devices

OUI Lookup and Database

Find a device's manufacturer by its MAC address and browse OUIs assignments

Nextcloud Cookbook

Nextcloud Cookbook Mobile Client written in Flutter


Simple TS client which shows you the amount and names of connected clients.

Rsync Server

A rsync server (alpha release)

Proton VPN: Free and Secure VPN

Get a free, fast, safe, private, and secure VPN with no logs and no data limit.


UnifiedPush provider for Nextcloud


The Free and Open Source app for monitoring your AirPods on Android


Mesh VPN based on WireGuard

Remote Video Camera

Stream video/audio between two phones. Zero configuration.

e-Passport Reader

use the NFC chip to communicate with an electronic passport

Android 2 Linux Notifications

A way to display Android phone notifications on Linux

RethinkDNS: Fast, private, and safe DNS + Firewall

Firewall apps, monitor network activity, block malware, change DNS.


Use your smart watch and other bluetooth devices and keep your data private!

Bangle.js Gadgetbridge

Android companion app for Bangle.js built on top of the Gadgetbridge project.


A social network off the grid


Secure Messaging, Anywhere


Allows you to analyze (or share) urls before opening them.

Thor Browser

Native IPFS and IPNS browser which based on WebKit API


IPFS Lite node with modern UI to support standard use cases of IPFS


A cross platform debugger for Bluetooth/TCP/UDP

Nextcloud Talk

Have private video calls and chat using your own server.


A shadowsocks client


A shadowsocks client for TV

mpv remote

Android application to control mpv running on another computer.

Vernet - Network Analyzer

Host and Port scanner. Ping IP or domain.


Full-featured C++ implementation of I2P client

Presence Publisher

Regularly publish to an MQTT topic