Transistor - Simple Radio App

Listen to radio streams

Jellyfin - your media in your hands!

Mobile client for Jellyfin, the free software media system


Audio Oscilloscope and Spectrum


Easy-to-use, flexible and open-source podcast manager and player

Baby Dots

Soothe and calm young babies

Screenshot Tile [No root]

Quickly take screenshots from the quick settings panel

Les Pas - Photo album in your private cloud

A photo album that saves all your precious memory in your private cloud


Media center

Binary Eye

Yet another barcode scanner

Opus 1 Music Player

Feature enhanced sibling of the "Unpopular Music Player"

Democracy Droid

Watch "Democracy Now The war and peace report"


Mobile client for the LANraragi manga/doujinshi web manager


Save reviews of movies

Simple Calendar Pro

Be notified of the important moments in your life.

Vinyl Music Player

Light and slick material design music player


Remote control for Logitech Media Server ("Squeezeserver" etc) and players.

3D Model Viewer

Load 3D Models and see how to do it

Thorium an unofficial PeerTube client

a PeerTube player


printing driver for pretixPOS and pretixSCAN


Manga reader

Simple Gallery Pro

A premium app for managing and editing your photos, videos, GIFs without ads


Native music player for Jellyfin


Roku remote

Odyssey Music Player

Listen to music files

Infinity for Reddit

A beautiful, feature-rich Reddit client.


The best video and music player. Fast and “just works”, plays any file


Professional painting program

LBRY F-Droid

Browser and wallet for LBRY, a free, open, and community-run digital marketplace

Pods Companion For AirPods

View the battery status of your headphones. Free, no ads and open source.

Tsacdop - Podcast Player

Enjoy podcasts with Tsacdop! An open source podcast player built with flutter.