Sports & Health


Plees Tracker is a simple sleep tracker for your Android phone.


Free calorie counter and weight tracker


Save workout routines and track your progress.


Digital test certificate and contact tracing in one app


France's official COVID-19 contact tracing app

Nextcloud Cookbook

View the recipes from your Nextcloud Cookbook


A Simple, Offline Recipe Manager


Gradually build long-lasting habits.


A sport tracker that completely respects your privacy.

Mindful Notifier

A mindfulness bell with configurable text notifications, scheduling, and sound

Noice: Ad-free indefinite background noise

Relax, improve focus, and boost productivity with minimal background noise.

Siteswap Generator

Generate juggling siteswaps for passing


Log blood pressure, weight and daily water intake

SINE Isochronic Entrainer

Brainwave Entrainment from relaxation to focus enhancement by Isochronic Tones

Workout Time!

An app for managing and performing timed workouts

Did I Take My Meds?

An app to manage and track medication doses

To Don't

The reverse to-do list.

Corona Contact Tracing Germany

Trace Corona in Germany


COVID-19 tracing client for Switzerland

Pedometer (Privacy Friendly)

Counts your steps in background. Customize daily goals, notifications + modes

AAT Another Activity Tracker

AAT is a GPS-tracking application for tracking sportive activities, with emphasi

Diaguard: Diabetes Diary

Diabetes diary and food database

Daily Pill — Medication Reminder

Reminder app for your daily medication. Easy to use and respects your privacy.

COVID Certificate

Swiss COVID certificate

COVID Certificate

Swiss COVID certificate

Feeel - home workouts

A simple home workout/exercise app that respects your privacy

Dart Checker

Dart scoreboard/counter for physical dart matches

Fruit Radar

Find edible plants and share them online!


Reminds you of your medication schedules


Information, combination charts and a live help chat for recreational drugs