Plees Tracker is a simple sleep tracker for your Android phone.

Stocks Widget

Stock market ticker widget

DebConf Schedule

Program app for the DebConf conference


One bit journal

Cuppa - Tea Timer

Time your tea as it steeps

MinCal Widget

Minimal calendar widget


Subscribe to Webcal (.ics) calendars

Did I Take My Meds?

An app to manage and track medication doses


Shift Calendar

Open TimeLimit

Simply limit the usage duration

TimeLimit.io - free usage duration limitation

Flexibly limit the usage duration

Etar - OpenSource Calendar

Etar is a material designed open source calendar, for everyone!

Streak Alarm for Snapchat (Streak Reminder)

Snapchat Streaks Reminder


Quickly create reminders and get notified later

10-bit Clock Widget

Home screen widget to use 10 binary dots display time


Sunlight and moonlight times (and alarms)

Persian Calendar

View the Persian calendar

Suntimes Calendars

A calendar provider add-on for Suntimes.


Reminds you of your medication schedules


See Canadian Weather Radar Imagery on your Android Device

Calendar Trigger

Trigger actions on calendar events

rC3 Schedule

Conference program app for the Remote Chaos Experience (rC3)

Dynamic Night Light

Low brightness clock

Ubuntu Countdown Widget

Keep an eye on the days remaining before the new release of Ubuntu!

World Weather

View weather forecast


Display availablity of meeting rooms

Goodtime - Minimalist Pomodoro Timer

Productivity timer designed to keep you on track and free of distractions

Sleep Timer

Simplest Sleep Timer


Interval timer


A pomodoro productivity timer.