Plees Tracker is a simple sleep tracker for your Android phone.


Sunlight and moonlight times (and alarms)


One bit journal

Birday - Birthday Manager

A simple yet useful birthday manager. Birday is free and ad-free! 🥳

Sleep Timer

Simplest Sleep Timer

NoFb Event Scraper

Import Facebook-Events to the calendar

36C3 Schedule

Conference program app for the Chaos Communication Congress

Persian Calendar

View the Persian calendar

Event Sync for Facebook

Sync your Facebook Events into your calendar

TimeLimit.io - free usage duration limitation

Flexibly limit the usage duration


Quickly create reminders and get notified later


Simple app for managing deadlines


a desk clock with alarms

Meditation Assistant

Feature packed meditation session timer and recorder

Open TimeLimit

Simply limit the usage duration


Notification Cron

Scheduling recurring notifications on your phone

Track Work Time

Track your work time

DiVOC Schedule

DiVOC 2021 Fahrplan

Počasí v krajích

Short-term weather forecast for Czech Republic

Bodhi Timer

Elegant Meditation Timer

Stocks Widget

Stock market ticker widget

FOSDEM 2021 Schedule

Conference program app for the FOSDEM conference

Suntimes Calendars

A calendar provider add-on for Suntimes.

MinCal Widget

Minimal month calendar widget

FOSDEM Companion

Schedule browser for the FOSDEM conference


Reminds you of your medication schedules

Timer +X

Create alarms for predefined time increments

Ubuntu Countdown Widget

Keep an eye on the days remaining before the new release of Ubuntu!

Alarm Klock

An alarm clock