Was geht App?

Discover concerts, partys, theatre, cinema and much more in your area (Germany o


Simple but smart timetable app

Datenspuren 2020

Schedule for the Datenspuren conference at Zentralwerk Dresden

Vedroid Events

Vedroid Events - simple birthdays and events remainder app without any stupid us

Grocery manager

Manage your groceries


Schedule viewer for conferences and other events


Check your contacts birthdays

Just 24 Hours

Large digital clock in 24 hour format

FOSS Moodle

Interact with HHS moodle instance

Birthday Buddy

Minimalistic app to remember your friend's birthdays and anniversaries

Offline Calendar

Lets you add calendars to the Calendar app, which are not synchronized.

Prayer Times (Islamic Tools)

Useful application with a set of tools needed by any muslim

Record Time Droid

Record date and time to manage times to tasks


A small, minimal clock app


Simple alarm clock focused on design, readability, and Internet radio

Congress Fahrplan

Overview of all talks of the Chaos Communication Congress


A simple timer / countdown app

Todo List (Privacy Friendly)

Keep a list of tasks

Todo Agenda for Android 4 - 7.0

Home screen agenda


Manage and track your time more efficiently using a modern time tracking tool

Camp 2019

Schedule app for the Chaos Communication Camp 2019

Calendar Notifications

Advanced calendar notifications


Find the German public holidays per state and year

Sun Time

Align your biorhythm with the sun

GLT Companion

Browse the "Grazer Linuxtage" schedule

Working Time Alert

Never miss the time to go home

A Time Tracker

Easily start/stop time tracking for activities.

Repeat Me

Schedule custom, interval based reminders

Board Game Clock

A timer for board games like chess

Get Off Your Phone

Control procrastination with an app locker