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Dart Checker

Dart scoreboard/counter for physical dart matches
New in version 0.5.4
- preferences: optionally cricket can be played over the "whole distance" (game continues after first player won)
- X01: undo message in single dart input mode
- cricket: enhanced undo messages

- X01 + one dart input: when input of score, was exact the same as the score left and no double or masterout was hit, but needed, the game didn't goes on
- cricket: player ranking at end of game
- crazy cricket: when undo button was clicked and player changed, the segments were selected ran
Dart Checker takes care of your score, while you are playing darts
alone or with friends. Its the better form of a scoreboard. No manual calculating
is needed anymore. Just put in your hits, like you would tell.


* single X01 (301, 501,...), SET/LEG and FREE training mode (variable score), CRICKET
* 1-4 player (except SET/LEG mode)
* master, double and single out
* checkout suggestions
* multiple undo in a row of mistouched inputs
* statistics (about as many matches and player as you like)
* two input variants (dart by dart or total score of three darts)
* power saving dark theme or light one
* language: german / english / spanish
* offline - absolutely no internet connection is needed or used, beside app download ;-)


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