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A monotone line-based icon pack
New in version 1.8.0
🎉 51 new icons (thanks JoelChrono12, Ail1020, Quantenzitrone & chaptergy!)
📁 10 new folder icons for your sorting needs
❌ Deleted one double icon
🔥 1950 icons in total
A line-based icon pack forked from Frost but rebuild with consistent sizing and adjustments specifically for lines in mind. Arcticons is FOSS and provides mostly icons for open-source apps on F-Droid (but there are many other apps in this pack too). The design is simple and clean with minimal lines that give you a nice see-trough effect.

There are over 1800 icons right now!

If you're missing icons, you can submit an icon request or create them yourself! But creating & maintaining this icon pack takes a lot of time, so be patient and consider donating a few bucks if you like the project!



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